Brooches And Pins

Brooches and pins from Erwin Pearl mix older, more sophisticated styling with modern, edgier designs. Brooch pins are normally pinned on jackets, sweaters and scarves, and many can be given as gifts because of their personal and flexible appeal. For a floral addition to an outfit, our Mother of Pearl flower pins add a delicate touch and our seashell brooches will appeal to ocean-lovers everywhere. Select a pin from our gorgeous Giverny collection – perfect for a Monet fan. Nature lovers will fall head over heels for our Wildlife brooch collection. Animals like lady bugs, leopards, lizards, birds, bumblebees, frogs and butterflies are crafted from Austrian Crystal, Sterling Silver and fine metals. And if your pooch is important to you, we have brooches, pins and more for your specific breed of pup. Our Christmas brooch pins round out this collection nicely. Add a holiday adornment to your favorite Christmas cardigan for a festive touch.