Erwin Pearl made his name a brand for jewelry of lasting beauty.

ERwin Pearl

There is a man named Erwin Pearl. He has made and loved jewelry for over 50 years. Every single piece of Erwin Pearl jewelry is produced from a design he has has made, or held in his hands, tested for drape over his arm, held up to the sunlight, improved with his care.

Erwin Pearl was born in Vienna, Austria, considered by some at the time as the cultural center of the world. He reveled in Vienna’s sophisticated life until chaos in Europe forced him to journey to America alone as a young teen. At 16 he apprenticed to a diamond cutter in New York while still in school and began learning the world of fine jewelry.

In the 1950’s he united with several craftsmen who fashioned his jewelry designs into reality. Working in the finest and most expensive materials, Erwin Pearl brought innovation and artistry to the industry, winning the Diamond International Award five years in a row.

The challenge of designing for a much wider audience brought Erwin Pearl to the fashion jewelry world. In the mid-seventies, he realized 'not everyone could afford his work in diamonds and gold'

"Fashion jewelry should be fun!! Easy to look at and comfortable to wear. This is a beautiful business. If a woman feels beautiful wearing my pieces, then I know I am doing something right." From his fashion view came the Mikimoto Pearl Award for outstanding pearl design and the 1991 Dallas Fashion Award.

Erwin Pearl remains the only major jewelry designer with 30 eponymous jewelry stores throughout the country, as well as his own factories, which allow the best possible control of quality and the best environment for artisans to innovate. The factories, located in Rhode Island, include the largest chain factory in the world and a jewelry factory where he creates most of his unique jewelry.

You may have seen Erwin Pearl on TV talking about his jewelry in his charming Viennese accent, or recognized his signature designs worn by actresses on top rated shows such as THE GOOD WIFE, and movie box office hits such as, “UP IN THE AIR,” starring George Clooney. You may have even met Erwin Pearl on the streets of New York or in the capitols of Europe busy with his humanitarian projects and concentrating on his newest fashion ideas.

When you purchase Erwin Pearl jewelry you should know in most cases it is MADE IN THE USA, and a person with integrity stands behind each piece.